1 February, 2018

Maternity Photos

Why you should go for it.

So pregnancy. The time of your life when you get told your 'glowing' but actually you are just a bit clammy because the 5 steps you just climbed felt like Mt Everest. Suddenly 'wow your so big' is meant to be a compliment. And everyone feels they can ask you personal questions 'was it planned?' Or give you their opinion 'definitely a girl, they steal their mothers looks'

It's an amazing and incredible time when your body changes to accommodate the miracle growing inside you. But it is a time that can be difficult. It's a two sided coin. You can feel thrilled and very much in love with this life inside you, while struggling with the pains and discomfort of carrying it. Or you could sail through pregnancy but not feel the bond and worry about what is wrong with you.

Pregnancy doesn't just affect you physically, it will have an effect on your emotions too. It can leave you feeling unattractive or uncomfortable in your own body. And when you feel like a whale that randomly spurts bodily fluids (that hug that left wet marks on your top of the sneeze you didn't cross your legs for), it can be hard to even consider getting in front of the camera. But I implore you - Give it a go. Do your hair and make up and show off your bump. 

I didn't for my first 2 and I always regretted it after. It's a time you can't go back to. And as much as I may have felt rough prior to my maternity shoot, I look back at the pictures and love them. I am not a model. My body has flaws and my pregnancy wasn't easy. But looking at the pictures reminds me of how big I was, and how amazing my body is. I can never resent my body for its imperfections because of what it has gone through and what it has created.

The truth is that every pregnancy is different. Every experience is individual. But please don't let this time pass unrecorded simply because you don't like how you look now. Take the pictures, go to a photographer and treat yourself. Because when your kids are all grown up and you look back - you won't have the same opinion you do now. You will see yourself differently and those pictures may become priceless to your children and grandchildren.


About The Author

Louise Anne Darby

Louise is a Stylist, Baby Poser, Prop Designer and Marketing Manager at In-Depth Photos a Photographic Company providing photography services to the general public based in and around Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire.

Our work consists of, but is not limited to: Portraits, Family, Children, Headshots, Events, Fine Art, Location, Environmental Portraits, Newborns and Baby Photography. We work on location or from our studio in Pattingham.

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Comments (2)

Michael Klonowski

on 2 February, 2018 1:35 PM
Proud of you. xx


on 1 February, 2018 9:00 PM
Great read. Something everyone must do, I never did (and as I am not having anymore I never will) but it is a beautiful keepsake for the family for generations to come.

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